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How Do You Say Parrot?

flag2Did you know that the word parrot is derived from the Ancient Greek "psittakos"?

Here's how you say parrot in several different languages....

Bulgarian:   nanaran
Czech:   papousek
Danish:   papegøje
Dutch:   papegaai
Filipino:   loro
Finnish:   papukaija
French:   perroquet
German:   papagei
Greek:   psittakos (παπαγάλος)
Hungarian:   papagaj
Indonesian:   nuri
Italian:   pappagallo
Lithuanian:   papuga
Norwegian:   papgoye
Portuguese:   papagaio
Romanian:   papagal
Russian:   попугайничать
Spanish:   papagayo
Swedish:   papegoja
Thai:   เบญจวรรณ
Ukranian:   nanyra