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Make Toys for Your Bird!

EggCartonToyMaking toys at home for your bird is a great way to have some fun, save money and, most importantly, provide your bird with a form of enrichment that will satisfy many of their instinctual needs as well as stimulate their minds and bodies!

There are a lot of bird safe items that you can easily find in your home and repurpose into bird toys like:

 Paper Egg cartons  Cotton Shoelaces  Coffee Filters
 Food Boxes  Straws  Cupcake Cups
 Paper Towel Rolls  Empty Pill Bottles  Quaker Oats Cans
 Junk Mail  Office Paper  Coin Wrappers
 Buttons  Old T-shirts   Unfinished Baskets
 Paper Bags  Popsicle Sticks  Wooden Spoons
 Phone Books  Baby Toys   Non-metallic Gift Wrap
 Paperbacks  Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces  Tissue Boxes
 Take Out Trays   Bottle Caps  Paper Plates 
 Beer Cartons   Plastic Water Bottles   Dixie Cups 

You can also find supplies at grocery stores, dollar stores, craft stores, yard sales, in nature and many more places.  There are even online stores that specialize in selling bird-safe toy making components.

To show you how easy it is to make a quick simple toy here is a video that enrichment guru Kris Porter made for use on our site. Kris has posted many more great toymaking videos on the Parrot Enrichment YouTube channel and MakeYourOwnBirdToys YouTube channel.

In order to create a great toy for your bird you will need to:

  • Do your homework and learn what components are safe to use.
  • Make sure your designs do not pose risks of entrapment or cuts.
  • Be creative by incorporating a variety of color, materials, textures, shapes and functionality into your designs.
  • Gain an understanding of your bird's play styles and preferences so you can create something he will really enjoy.

There are plenty of great resources online where you can get more inspiration on home toymaking, learn about bird toy safety and buy bird-safe toy parts.  Here is a list of recommended resources to get you started:

Have fun!


Coloring Pages

Click on any of the pictures below to go to a printable coloring page!

african grey bluefront double yellow red lord yellow nape
 African Grey  Blue-front Amazon  Double Yellow Amazon  Red-lored Amazon  Yellow-naped Amazon
 parakeet  blackcaique  white caique  cockatiel  goffin
 Budgie  Black-headed Caique  White-bellied Caique  Cockatiel  Goffin Cockatoo
 cockatoos  umbrella  sun conure  female ekkie  male ekkie
 Mollucan & Sulfur-crested Cockatoos  Umbrella Cockatoo Sun Conure   Eclectus Female  Eclectus Male
 lory  lovebird  gold macaw  greenwing  hyacinth
 Rainbow Lorikeet  Lovebird  Blue & Gold Macaw  Greenwing Macaw  Hyacinth Macaw
 scarlett  parrotlet  poicephalus  quaker  ringneck
Scarlet Macaw   Parrotlet   Poicephalus  Quaker Parakeet  Ring-necked Parakeet