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CR EXERCISE WEIGHTSOur pet birds are not as active in our home as their wild cousins are in their native environments. Wild parrots have to fly many miles a day in the search for food.

Just like for people, too little exercise can lead to:

  • heart disease
  • obesity
  • depression
  • stiff joints
  • high stress levels, and
  • behavioral problems like screaming and feather plucking

To keep our birds healthy they need to have lots of opportunities to move, climb, flap and fly. Adequate exercise, in combination with a balanced diet, will help our birds to maintain their weight and keep their hearts healthy.  Exercise will also help to keep their joints limber and their muscles toned.

Here's some of the ways we can help our birds get exercise:

  • Provide as large a cage as possible that allows them to fully flap their wings.
  • Give them toys that encourage movement like swings, ladders and bungees.
  • Hide food at various levels in your bird's cage to encourage movement and exploration.
  • Provide outside of the cage play areas like playgyms and cargo nets.
  • Purchase or build them an indoor or outdoor flight aviary.
  • With your bird securely perched on your hand, get a firm grip on your birds toes and encourage flapping by gently moving your arm up and down or swinging it in an arc while your bird hangs upside down. Your bird will flap its wings to maintain balance.
  • Get a flight harness for your bird and take him outside.
  • Teach your bird tricks.
  • Play games with your bird like fetch and chase me.
  • Dance with your will be good for you too!

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