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Funniest Parrot Videos

Singing Parrot Videos

 Take Me Out to the Ballgame  Beat Boxing Parrot  Pancho the Singing Parrot

Look Who's Talking

 Einstein Super Star  Riley the Amazing Eclectus  Cute Grey

Dancing Parrots

 Snowball Backstreet Boys  Frostie Rocks & Rolls  Tap Dancing Lovebird

Parrot Tricks

Medley of Tricks   Alexandrine Golf & Basketball  Caique Tricks
 Jailbird Escapes! Slam Dunk Cockatiel  20 Parrot Tricks

Parrots in TV Commercials

 DHL Cat Gets Revenge  DHL Parakeet Gets Even  Dupont Carpet
 Budweiser - Wassup!  Valley Girl  Line Dancing Macaws

More Cool Videos

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